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Ninja Missions.
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It is ten years since we first met our genin.

Fire Country has been invaded by the bijuu-wielding Akatsuki.

To salvage as many lives as possible, Konoha began to evacuate people to Suna, and after the battle at our beloved village was lost, the surviving shinobi were forced to move there so they could live to see another battle.

Suna is peaceful, for now. Akatsuki seems to have stopped all other movements in order to shape Konoha into their own image. They've sent out messages to the four standing shinobi nations to accept them as the new leaders of Konoha. Or else. With four bijuu on Akatsuki's side, and never having a great love of Konoha the way it was, Kumo, Iwa and Kiri insist on sending as little help as possible. Suna and the remaining citizens of Konoha are largely on their own in this war.

And tension is running high in Suna. While the Kazekage of Suna is very hospitable to the new residents, conflicting personalities and ways of life are bound to clash. And they do. Every day.

Basic Game Information

This is a Naruto RPG that follows canon up until the beginning of Shippuuden. After that, some events may be taken from canon, depending on the players, and some may not be.

There will be spoilers for everything after the time skip, so if you haven't caught up, beware.

All Akatsuki members may be played, including the ones revealed in recent chapters. OCs are also allowed, but they must be properly developed. You may play an OC from any of the five shinobi nations.

Only those canon events after the time skip listed in the timeline will be kept. The initial timeline here is only temporary. Depending on the players, new canon events will be added.


1. Stay in character.

2. Do not godmode. You are playing your character; let others play theirs.

3. Be respectful.

4. Be Active. The mod is doing activity checks weekly (or bi-weekly).

5. I am the mod, and therefore obligated to respond to any complaints my players may be making. Please do not be offended if I ask why your character did something. It is my job to ask.

6. Proper grammar and spelling are a must. Proofread if you have to.

7. Journals that do not belong to the RP will not be added. Please do not ask to be added with your personal journal. It just makes things easier for me.

8. You MUST have the ability to form and maintain your own plots. No plots will be handed to you on a silver platter. If you don't know how to think for yourself and create plots, do not join. Plots are essential to keeping an RP alive. Please use them.

9. All AIM logs must be posted to the community using the following format:


10. All pairings are allowed here with sufficient IC explanation. Yes, you can do anything you want, just develop it!

In-depth Information
Moderator Information

You can contact the moderator on AIM.

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